In the beginning of this year I decided to compete on the World Cup in Log, like last year. It’s been a year since my last World Cup competition and I thought it could be fun and also good for me to train with the whole team. So I did it, but it didn't work out as I wanted. Yesterday, (22.4.2012) I finished 19th in the semifinals. But it all went wrong a few weeks before.

Like I said, I trained with the team since January. It was pretty hard for me to keep up with them. But I thought, this way, I’ll get really strong for the competition and after it I could send some hard stuff outside. Then I pulled my little finger 3 weeks before the competition. First I thought it’s nothing but then it bothered me every time I wanted to crimp something. So I avoided crimps for some time and hopped for the best. I really tried to stay positive. Like this wasn't enough, I caught a terrible cold a week before and with all that trouble I kind of lost my psyche.


Anyway, I wanted to enjoy the competition and decided to focus on my feelings and movement on the wall. I managed to do that really good in the qualification round. I topped all the boulders and enjoyed my climbing again. I was very happy with it. The next day my plan was to do it again. Feel the moves and climb with a flow. But I couldn’t do it. The boulders were much harder, which wasn’t a problem. I expected that. It was just so crimpy and powerful and I couldn’t even get to the fighting mood and do my best. I was just struggling with every move and trying to do something. Pretty frustrating.

My team mate Mina won the event. She crushed it in front of the amazing home crowd. It would be really cool to climb in the finals with her.

After a bad performance I’m usually thinking: OK, next time I’ll do better. But this time I’m thinking more like: OK, I don’t want to compete anymore. I just want to climb outside, go on a trip and climb whenever I feel like it and whatever I choose to climb. But maybe in some time I’ll forget about it and I’ll do some more competitions, we’ll see. What I know for sure is that lately, I spent too much time at home. It’s just not for me. I need to go somewhere to climb and clear my head.

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