The lofoten Islands turned out to be a bit of a wash out and I didn't manage to climb that amazing project arete that's featured in the gallery section however, it looks like I will be getting back there sooner than I anticipated because I am off there again at the end of the month.

Yesterday we uploaded a couple more climbing videos to the video section. Trellis and the Pebble Mill traverse both at Burbage South crag. This is one of Jerry's favorite places to climb and I would have to agree with him. When people talk about bouldering at Burbage South you tend to think about the boulders down in the bottom of the valley. These might be good for beginners but for anyone else I would have to say they are pretty crap! If you've not wandered along the crag get yourself up there soon because there is absoluetly loads of good stuff to do and since it faces north and gets very little sun now is a great time to go there.

Along with half of Sheffield I am off to the Sonar dance festival in Barcalona this weekend so I'll try and bring back some video highlights from Chemical Brothers and Richie Hawtin! Have a good weekend yourself.

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