Up until now this year has been pretty uneventful for me. There has only been three things worth mentioning, actually.

The first event of the year was the Nordic Championships in bouldering. The competition were held in Copenhagen, Denmark which suited me quite well, since I have been there for both training and competing many times. It is an amazing gym with an amazing crew, who arranged the competition very well! I finished the qualification round in second place. In the finals I flashed the first and the last problem. With two tops I won the competition! I was very happy (Congratulations from us at MOON! )


Katrine at the Nordic Championship


The second event of this year was my trip to Turkey. Since it has been a long time since I had seen some real rock, I was so much looking forward to do some rock climbing again. In fact, I felt like I was eleven years old again, heading off to my very first rock climbing trip ever, when I finally sat inside the airplane going to Antalya. The trip was great. Besides the fact that I was in the worst shape in a very long time due to the huge amount of homework and assignments lately, I really enjoyed the trip. It was very relaxed and I had so much fun. I mostly climbed 7th grade routes, primary 7a's and a single 7b. All was in my comfort zone which was exactly how I liked it to be.


Even a champion has to be on belay duty this time in Turkey


Besides climbing I also met a lot of cool people. I met some of the local heroes, so to speak, and a lot of travellers. Three guys from Switzerland on their way to Africa. They were driving in a green van. Someone - and I do not know who exactly - got the idea to paint the green van "African style". The result was amazing. It was really a really nice trip which gave me back the motivation to finish school so I can go and get my own African van and travel around the world - and climb!

The last even of this year so far is was the Danish Championship in lead climbing. The routes were fantastic and it was a really nice competition. After the qualifiers I was leading and I ended up winning the competition after the finals swell! (Chapeau! Well done!)


I have had a great start of the year, as you can see. Hopefully this summer will be more eventful!


Katrine at the Danish Championship Photo: Jakob Halskov

Katrine at the Nordic Championship

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