Dave had another bash at Terre de Sienne yesterday and although he didn't do it made some good progress and was starting to get the first move wired. I tried to persuade him to write something on the Moonblog but I think he is being shy!

I have also just noticed that Fred thought the stand up was V15. I didn't realize this when I suggested V13/14 and I certainly wasn't trying to prove anything by this comment it's just honestly what Dave and I thought it was. However neither of us has yet done the stand up so perhaps we shouldn't have commented but I just wanted to give you all an idea of what the problem was like. I think it is also worth noting that we have worked out a slightly different sequence to Fred which may or may not be slightly easier. I will keep you posted.

Today I am having another rest day which makes for 2 in a row. This is hard to do when there is so much I want to try but I am half way through the trip and I think it's a good idea for my skin and body to fully re charge for the remaining 2 weeks. Hopefully should feel pretty good tomorrow.

Dave has gone to SLC for a 4 day trade show so there will be no more news from him for a few days.

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