Four months have past since really good physical form and climbing conditions. In Ticino, springtime brought great succes and then I almost realized a long time project Bügeleisen in Maltatal. I was sooo close back there. Did it in two parts, quite easily actually. But afterwards bad weather started and everytime I came to Maltatal, Bügeleisen was wet, or at least the most important hold. So, I missed my chance. But after that, I really couldn't do a lot about it. My wife and I started to renovate our home in Slovenia and time started to fly ... without climbing! Well, almost. Still, I get the need for climbing, but knowing that there's 30°C outside, baby skin on my fingers and don't get me started on my physical shape. From time to time I go route climbing just to maintain my strength, at least I try to. There are times when I just want to go to, I don't know, Magic Wood maybe; still got some great lines to finish there. I always get so psyched when I see a clip of a beautiful hard line and my fingers start to sweat. Or maybe go back to Rocklands, when I hear that my friends are rocking it there. I definitely want to go to Val Bavona to try Heritage, Silvretta, ... and to Macedonia! I have to stop! Stop thinking about it and finish our house as soon as possible. If everything goes according to plan, we'll finish it till the start of September. Autumn is coming and good conditions with it. Slowly but shurely, the time to climb is coming. I guess my first trip is going to be Macedonia. I was there once before in 2008, when the boulders hadn't even been climbed yet. I guess we were the first climbers there. It is an amazing area to climb, even though we climbed just a little bit (it was around -10, -15°C outside). I comfort myself with the thought that everything remains. Boulders are waiting to be cleaned and climbed. Project after project, area after area. Until then, the house is my project. [gallery link="file"]
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