We have all been having so much fun down here that it doesn't seem like there has been enough hours in the day to write the blog and that's even with having to endure a rest day!

A couple of friends came down from Salt Lake City on Thursday evening, Mike Beck and Mike Call. On the Friday Ben Pritchard and myself, along with the two Mike's headed off to North Mountain. We had fun introducing ourselves to people we met that day."Hi, this is Mike and Ben and Ben and Mike".

Friday was a good day for climbing. Warmed up at the Gymnasium then went down to a cave just around the corner from the Martini Roof. MB got me all psyched up to flash this 2 move v10 called Black Mamba. After about half and hour and several falls I finally managed to top out! After that I dragged them round to Loaded Direct which is really nice V12 next to the chains. It has a couple of hard moves at the start on really nice slopers then a crimpy finish which for some reason seems a bit scary. I had tried this a few days previously but bottled the top. This time with more pads I got it after a 2 or 3 tries.

We finished off at The Sign of the Cross wall which has 3 great problems. The Sign of the Cross is one one Hueco's best V3's (maybe a hard one), Chablanke V11/12 is the direct start and Choir Boys a really burly V9. I had tried Chablanke on a couple of occasions earlier in the trip but kepp falling on this one move to a sharp pinch. I felt much better on it today and got it in a few tries. After this I just hung out and watch MC and MB getting worked over by Choir Boys. I think they had a pretty tough first day.

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