One more week and I’ll be packing my bags for the trip to Colorado! It’s been two and a half years since my last visit to The States and I can’t wait to see my dear american friends and do nothing but climb for the whole month!

In the meantime I'm trying to survive this heat wave and the best place to do that is by the So?a river where boulders are amazing and a chance to jump into the freezing cold water is more than welcome. Usually we climb beside the river but there are many blocs in the middle of it, sticking out, impossible to climb without the landing. But yesterday the guys found a unique thing. An amazing bloc in the middle of the current with a perfect landing! There’s only one way to try it. First, you jump on the block, climb a slab and jump down on the other side. The only way out is to do the mantle or you’re stuck on the little rock island in the middle of the river. Klemen Be?an did the FA of the arrete called Shutter Island and I followed with the 2nd ascent. I think it’s about 7A but it’s so unique and special!  

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