Got my arse kicked on Slashface on Saturday and couldn't get into the park on Sunday. Arse! I'm starting to find this whole guide/reservation thing a bit of a pain in the butt. Oh well I am sure a rest day wont do me any harm.

Monday was a much better day. Warmed up on the Warm Up boulder and did one of the best V8's in the park. "Stinking Jesus" only gets 2 stars but this is rubbish it's 4 in my book any day. It a stand up problem on some of the best rock in the park, is a totally independent line AND is not remotely painful. What more do you want?

After that Zack sent Diaphanous Sea first try which he was really psyched about since his trip was coming to an end and he had fallen after the crux on his last day! After this we all moved round to Martini Roof.

I was interested to see what Esperanza was like and worked the crux move for about an hour without much joy. Seems really hard. This is a dyno off a couple of small edges to another small edge on a horizontal roof! It's absolutely key to keep your right foot on. Would like to try this again on another day. Didn't work any of the other moves.

After this I sent Right Martini which I had worked on about a week ago. This is probably the best problem in the cave since it starts from the back and finishes on top. Afer this I was pretty worked and didn't climb anymore. Video of this coming shortly.

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