Well that's it folks. Right now, Ben and I are sat at Chicago airport waiting for our flight back to the UK. Both Ben P and I have had a great time climbing in Hueco and will definately be coming back. I really wanted to stay on for an extra 10 days but when it came down to it the airline told me my ticket wouldn't allow it. Maybe it's for the best. Both my skin and body feels pretty beat up and I think I need a week off to fully recharge. I think I have done a fair bit of climbing over the past month and have only had 2 rest days in a row once and that was more than 2 weeks ago.

I hardly climbed yesterday because I was just too tired and knowing I was going home the next day kind of killed my motivation. I did another 4 star classic the day before "The Power of Landjager" and tried my hardest to do another "Two Days with Jean" but just didn't have the energy. Oh well, another one to go back for.

It's been a real luxury climbing at Hueco and I have really enjoyed going out each day and climbing another bunch of 3 or 4 star problems for the first time. It would have been nice to have climbed something properly hard but these problems will still be here for me when I return. It has also been great seeing and climbing with old friends and making new ones. Spending time with Chris and Dave was also a really treat and seeing them climb very inspiring.

So it's back to the England and hopefully some cold dry days on the grit...

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