After nearly three years of work battling through shit conditions and a lot of failure, I finally managed to get on top of a beautiful piece of rock that has consumed me and kept me up late for countless nights. Force of Nature was born on the afternoon of January 31st 2013. Although its not the hardest problem in the world it definitely ranks upon one of the hardest boulders in the west coast of the U.S. and may be the hardest done line in Utah. I gave it the personal grade of 8b+, it could be harder or easier for others, time will tell. Force of Nature begins by doing 6 sustained 8a/8a+ moves into a single 8b move. With the hardest move being at the end, it was extremely difficult for me to keep friction from the start into this move. I am so relieved to have finished this masterpiece of rock,, and can't wait for the next inspiring line to consume my next stage of life. Apart from my huge send, I have been focusing a lot of energy towards numerous F.A.'s of all grades. The future of Southern Utah bouldering is taking place right now, and will be for a while. Laura also sent one of her longterm projects named Device Ignitor Left, 7b in Moe's Valley. It's so motivating to see her progression and passion grow each day. Here is a shot of Force of Nature, and there will soon be a sick vid. Ciao for now!

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