1. Les Étoiles Filantes. By Joost Hess  

Day 1:   First day of the 15/16 Font season. Conditions are far from ideal, but we are in the forest and we can climb. With Les Étoiles Filantes (8a) I did my 96th 8th degree boulder, only 4 to go!!

2. Bruching The Island. By Joost Hess  

Day 2:   It is still a bit too warm for me to send this beast (The Island), but I am not complaining with this kind of weather in October. And I reached a new highpoint.

3. The Island. By Thomas Cayleron  

Day 3:   Almost three years ago I tried the Island (8b+) for the first time. Such an intense problem and maybe the best compression boulder in the world. Even I only have been there for 6 or 7 days, it has been on my mind since. Yesterday it went down, but this isn´t the end. The Big Island (8c) always has been the main goal. It is time to go BIG! Earlier that day I did le Mandarin (8a), a tricky and funky problem you rarely see outside.

        4. French Pastry  

Day 4:   Rest day


Day 5:   A forced rest day, thanks to the typical treacherous Font weather.

6. Genesis. By Joost Hess  

Day 6:   "I got 99 problems but a b**** ain't one" In the morning it looked like everything was wet, but it turned out different. There were enough quick drying areas. In Manoury I did Genesis (8a), my 99th eight degree problem. Tomorrow is the last day of the trip. Conditions are not good enough (for me) to go back to The Big Island. So the goal is to send nr 100.

  7. L'art de la Fufue. By Joost Hess  

Day 7: L´art de la fugue, my 100th eight degree boulder. The actual plan was to do Délire Onirique, but I wasn't strong enough (and the humidity in the forest didn't help either). A nice way to end a week in the forest, will be back soon. It was a great week. I actually didn’t expected to do The Island this week already, so that was a big surprise. I felt so much stronger on it than last season. Training is definitely working! In December I’ll be back for two weeks. I need a little bit of extra core strength for The Big Island, two months to get ready!!!

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