I'm having a great time here in Boulder. In a week I've spent here I got over the jet lag, got used to the altitude and did some classic problems in RMNP and Mt. Evans. When you start hiking up to the boulders you can’t know what’s gonna happen that day. Is it gonna be a fresh sunny day or are we gonna get rained out? The weather is so unpredictable. You just have to go and see what happens.

Yesterday I had a good day. We went to Emerald Lake and I did Tommy's other arete, a cool V9. I was so tired from the day before when we hiked down from Mt. Evans in the rain and came to the car completely soaked. So the next day in RMNP didn't look promising. I hardly did the warm ups and got stuck at the second move in my project for that day. I was already thinking that I’ll have to come back for this one, but then I did it and walked out feeling happy that I didn't give up even if it looked like it really wasn't my day.

I have 3 weeks left, still some places to see and many boulders to climb. Stay tuned!

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