Ben Moon

Climbing Legend

Born in the suburbs of London in 1966, Moon started rock climbing on the sandstone outcrops of Kent and Sussex. A pioneer in the sport-climbing revolution of the 1980s and a bouldering legend in the 1990s, he is one of the most iconic rock climbers in the sport’s history.

25 years ago, he was the first person to climb Hubble at Raven Tor. At its inception, Hubble was the hardest sport route in the world, now widely recognised as the world's first F9a. And of June this year,  Ben made an inspirational ascent of Rainshadow (9a) at Malham Cove in Yorkshire.

Ben Moon hit the climbing headlines this June, redpointing Rainshadow at Malham Cove, his second route graded 9a. Incredibly this was just a few days before his 49th birthday and 25 years after climbing Hubble, his first 9a, leading to an outbreak of mass motivation/depression among middle-aged climbers across the world. A true legend who transformed the standards of top-end rock climbing, Ben is also a successful businessman who has developed his own brand of climbing clothing and equipment while somehow managing to train hard and be a family man. We should hate him, but of course we don’t. Find out what makes Ben tick at this one-off lecture for Kendal.

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