Had a great days climbing at the East Spur the day before yesterday. Got the tour from John and Mike who are two guys we are living with at the moment. They took us round all the classics like Better Eat Your Wheaties, The Egg, Sex after Death and Purple Flowers.

Even though we had all taken a rest day the day before we still felt pretty drained of energy. I think at least I hope, this was just the effects of 3 days climbing on the trot and a ton of travelling.

Saw a couple of super cool hard problems it would be nice to have a look at later in the trip. Nagual (V13) looks especially good. It goes up this beautiful 40 degree overhanging wall on small edges and reminds me a lot of The Brown Wall at the Buttermilks.

My body and skin felt pretty shot by the end of the day and unfortunately I'm going to need to take another rest day. This is a bummer when there is so much good stuff to do but I need to try and keep my skin good 'cause as Wills Young says you can only grow it so fast!

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