Those of you you who have been following my training diary will know that I have had a project on the go. Today I climbed this project which is now "Voyager" 8b or V13. Although I say it myself it's a bit of a classic, in fact one of the best boulders I have done anywhere. Perhaps one of the most amazing things about it is that it's at Burbage North the nearest grit crag to Sheffield and one of the most popular. It's a testament to the quality of the Peak District bouldering that after all these years it's still turning up world class problems like this.

It's the overhanging arete which runs out beneath the John Allen route "The Sphinx". I have spent the past month working out the moves and was really just waiting for good conditions. These conditions arrived this week with the best weather we have had since last winter.

It's has a jump start and is only about 5 moves long. It seemed really hard before I did it but then today it didn't seem so bad so who knows. I reckon its easier than "The Ace" (which might well get 8b+ in other countries) but I reckon 8b is about right but maybe an easy one.

I got some great video footage which will be uplaoded very shortly.

Lets just hope this amazing weather lasts for the next few months!

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