I am in South Africa since nearly two weeks now and let me say: It's amazing!  The quality of the rock is nearly perfect for climbing. Most of the lines are so beautiful no matter if it’s easy or hard. Every day there are so many new things to explore. We stay at the “Travellers Rest”, a huge farm located after the “Pakhuis Pass”. The accommodation is not luxury but with little improvements (we bought a fan heater) it is fine. For god sake we have warm showers, but the rooms are quite cold because there is no heating or insulation. Oh, I forgot: We’re practicing an outdoor sport! Maybe I become old?  

 The countryside is, if the weather is good, unbelievable. Everywhere is rock! Unfortunately, I injured my middle finger right before the trip but I decided to go and try to make the best out of it. The decision was absolutely right!  As I wrote above nearly all boulders have top quality, so I'’m quite satisfied to be here. I had the plan to start with some easier classics I knew from several videos and in this way perhaps accelerate the healing process of this stupid finger. To mention a few of them: Pinotage, Sunset Arete, Pendragon, Caroline, No Late Tender, Black Spider, The Rhino, Paula Abdul, A Question Of Balance and many more. The characteristic of the climbs is relatively powerful. Most problems I’ve done are steep and burly. It’s not that technical and this is fine for me.

I believe that my plan is working and the finger is getting better day-by-day.  So there is a light at the horizon and I’ll be able to try a few of the harder lines, which look so good! Imagine you’re in paradise and you’re not allowed touching the apple but there is a snake that says: Its fine, eat the apple! I am not going to be weak!

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