Ben may have to leave tomorrow due to the massive fee incurred if he postpones his flight, so climbed again today after doing the march up to the Feather (west mountain)yesterday. Yes, fanboys, he did the Feather, from the sit, no dab. You can bet he logged on and added it to his wanking.

Today, he did Power of Landjager along with Issac and Chris. Really cool problem, kind of a granite-style problem on a big layback feature up the middle of an otherwise blank 50 degree wall. Burly moves to a big reach to a piss poor edge, then a big leap to a sidepull, then you need to kick the shit out of the wall to control the swing. Classic.

Issac and Ben tried 2 Days with Gene, a brilliant stand-alone problem Matt Wilder put up, but got the back of the hand. Chris tried to repeat it after doing it last year second try, but to make the others feel better, didn't go past the crux. What a sweetheart.

Meanwhile, Dave's girlfriend Lila Mammi had a big day for her, doing Swiss Crisp Mix and Sex After Death. Psyched.

Hueco seems much more crowded this year, hard to get on to North Mountain without reservations. So damn good to climb here, but the logistics sure are tiring. Dave and Chris want to try a new project together tomorrow. Sounds classic Hueco, good send off for Ben. Maybe the old dog can teach the youngsters a thing or two? We'll see. Meanwhile we're shuffling the cards for yet another game of poker. I need to get in on the game, these guys suck at cards.

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