Just had another 2 good days climbing. The day before yesterday I flashed Diaphanous Sea (V12), A Women with a Hueco in her Hair (V10) and yesterdayFree Willy (V10). I was psyched about Diaphanous Sea because both Dave and one of the guides in our house had said it was well on for the flash and I thought the same when I had looked at it. It's another Hueco classic that suited me right down to the ground and was much like the problems we train on back in Sheffield. Steep, fingery and pretty straight forward. I think the 2nd move was the toughest to flash and I certainly had to dig deep. We will have video footage up very soon.

After that Dave, Chris and myself worked a bit on Freds new problem. I think the stand up is probably V13/14 (3 hard moves) and I guess the sit down into it is maybe V12/13 (about 6 moves). Dave did all the moves on the sit down and between us we did all the moves on the stand up. It's a great problem which is only spoilt by the sharpest hold in the world. Unless you want a split tip you really have to work it with tape on. I think Dave wants to try and do the stand up today so once again watch this space. I would be happy to do the stand up this trip but I am not prepared to risk splitting a finger.

Photos just posted:
- Almablanca
- Free Willy
- Power of Silence

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