Yesterday Dave, Matt Wilder and myself had another session on Terre de Sienne which is the stand up to Freds new super hard Terremer which he rated V16. I have seen somewhere that he rated the stand up at V15.

Dave sent this on his 3rd try yesterday in a very impressive piece of climbing. This was his 3rd day on the problem. After quickly working out the final hard move he nearly sent it on his first attempt but just failed to hold the swing on the final jump move. He got it two tries later.

Grade? Well the 3 of us believe that it is still somewhere around the V13/14 mark or 8b/8b+. Dave made light work of Esperanza which is rated V14 or 8b+ and climbed it in a day. Some might wonder how Terre de Sienne could take him 3 and only be around the same grade but you must remember that Terre de Sienne is incredible sharp and it simply isn't possible to try it for long periods of time.

Dave had forgotten to charge his camcorder battery so was unable to film the ascent, what an amateur, but fortunately for all of us my battery was fully charged! Footage of his ascent will be up on the site shortly.

Dave assures me that he will make a contribution to this Blog soon but I am starting to wonder if maybe he is just being polite with me and hasn't got the balls to tell me to get lost! I have told him his fans are waiting.....

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