I just thought you might like to hear that I made the 2nd ascent of Hi Fidelity ay Caley on Saturday the 28th May which I am pretty happy about. It seems like it's been a bit of an epic especially since I have been trying it on and off for a couple of years now! In fact I first started trying it around the same time as Steve Dunning who beat me to the first ascent.

For quite some time now I reckoned it must have been the hardest problem on grit and could warrent 8b+ or V14 and it wasn't until a week ago that I top roped it in a oner. This was after trying it with Wills Young who was over from the USA visiting with Lisa Rands. Wills being the technical genius that he is and a mighty fine climber to boot figured out a couple of small things that made all the difference and I tried to solo it that day but bottled out of the final dyno a couple of times.

After a week of thinking about it I returned with a couple of BIG pads and TWO spotters and finished the bugger off. Conditions weren't great but okay and when I finally made it through the hardest move (which is coming out and getting properly established on the left undercling) I wasn't in any mood to back out of the final dyno. We got it filmed so check out the footage (it's a bigun 8mb) plus more in the video section of the site. I reckon 8b or V13 is about right.

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