Well, hell, today I took the liberty of resting, which was not nearly as exciting as climbing...but my body is super banged up after a big first-day-back-after-the-show, and a good second-day-back of questing about West Mountain. I would like to get a little more fitness, so I can have more then two hours of climbing energy a day!

Resting has always been really hard for me...either my fingers feel ok and my muscles are fucked, or vice versa. tomorrow I am trying some cool shit hopefully on North Mountain, and i wanted to get on them today...Specifically the boulder Terremer, Techo de Los Tres B is quite cool too, as well as a ton of other things, which practically amounts to every boulder here! As my right ring finger feels a little tweaked(for over 2 monthes now) and i am a bit resistant to really going for it. That kind of bums me out. But hell! I am super psyched on climbing with Matt, Isaac, and Ben on some bad-ass new lines we've been checking out. The projects here are crazy, really scary, or really hard, but always perfect.

Hopefully I can manage some more updates, but generally I am so tired after climbing here for the day I can barely cook my dinner!

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