Got my arse kicked yesterday by Slashface which was pretty depressing especially since on my last days climbing I was starting to feel good and followed them up with a couple of rest days to recharge so was quite hoping to feel strong. Unfortunately nothing of the sort happened. Tried it for just over an hour in cold windy conditions but only managed to do one of the hard moves. Not sure if this is because it's really hard and I am just shit or I was just having a bad day! Am hoping it was the later but can't imagine why it should be. Arse!

After that the day went rapidly down hill. Ben Pritchard wanted to see Full Service and I couldn't resist having a go even though I had already told myself not to climb for the rest of the day. Had a couple of try's at this and fell off the last hard move. Felt really tired on this too even though it's only 7c+.

In fact noone in our team had a great day. Zack got it really bad on Diaphanous Sea and fell even after he had done the final hard jump!!! I think he didn't quite have the hold right, tried to adjust and his right foot popped. He has to head home in 2 days so time is running out. I guess we all know that feeling.

Oh well can't get to down about it, it's only climbing. Reading a book about the battle of Gallipoli in the First World War which is really depressing.

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