Heyho everyone I am pretty excited right now :). My flights are booked, my shape is fine and I have finished most of my studies and everydaywork which I intendet to do so. (At least I stopped working) it feels good to leave my hometown Vienna behind for at least two month of travelling. The austrian climbingseason was great this year :). I bolted some nice Routes around my hometown Vienna. One of the first ascents I called 'Nicaragua' 8b+ is a 45 meter climb in Niemandsland/ lower ausria which took me almost two climbingdays just to bolt and brush it. Two times, the driller broke, one time the akku was not loaded and another time the bolts were on the ground while I was hanging high above them, figuring out how to get back to the ground with my rope way too short. However: great route, great rock. Somewhere in Styria I could reclimb a technical 8b+, after I pulled out a crucial hold last year. Further in Tyrol I sent 'Lizard Corner' (Achleiten) 8b 3rd try, 'Update' 8c (Waidringer Steinplatte) 2nd try, coq aux vin (Zillertal)8b+ 2nd try this year, and during a daylong visit in the Boulderingarea silvretta I could do 'junge römer' 8a bloc. Now I can`t wait to get my hands on the Taipanwall and the great ironsolid Sandstone of the sourrounding Grampians. Life is sweet  

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