Well, yeah. Every day of climbing is usually a good one. But this year was full of really good days. There was no other year I improved so much than I did this one. I really felt and still feel the progress in climbing. Not just my strength, also my technique and especially my mind got stronger. I started projecting and focusing on problems. I learned about dealing with success and failure and how to stay cool before climbing a route. I learned about fears and trust – not just in rope-climbing. I was able to climb and hang out with the strongest people worldwide. That showed me what is possible in climbing and that I still have so much potential to improve. All these things are part of my motivation, my siced-heit and that climbing (including the things around it) means more to me, than anything else in life. The Year 2011 ended with a nice and fun Fontainebleau-trip with my friends of „Welcome to the hood“. After that I felt a little bit tired of all the bouldering and I went back to the rope. In spring I was in a good shape: I had quite a good endurance and also the power from bouldering to do hard single-moves. In the period from spring to early summer I was able to do some of my „projects“ very quick. It was fun to feel stronger and stronger every time I was at the rock. Because I started working, I wasn’t able to travel so much, so I spend most of my climbing days in my home areas. In the middle of the summer I sent all my projects and it was time to leave Europe and climb in a new area: SOUTHAFRICA – Rocklands: my personal highlight in the year 2012! First I was afraid of not doing well there, because I didn’t "bouldered" for so long, but after a week of „getting into it“, it was just amazing to climb. I was able to do harder lines than I ever did in a short time. This was so much fun and it was so motivating for me. We had a fun crew down there and it was amazing to spend time and watch all off the strongest guys climbing together. I’m really siced to go back there and crush again. After coming back home – I had to go back to work for one month, and it was way too hot to climb, but it was ok, to not climb so hard, because I got introduced to the MOON-Climbing Team, which was as motivating as climbing anything hard. Since fall now I life together with my boyfriend Gu in Innsbruck. We both started studying there. Innsbruck is perfect to life : nice gym for good training – strong and motivated climbers - and beautiful lines of rock climbing directly in front of your nose. Now me and Gu – we’re using the bad weather and the good gym for training indoors, so we can realize our plans in the upcoming year!  

          Siced for the rock again!
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