March 27, 2013 In November 2012, one night in the gym friend Gian (Tesio), talking about where to go climbing, I noticing a line still to be climbed. I was looking at "boulder" that collapsed some 80 years ago. This route was bolted by Renato Delfino and Guido Cortese. Much to my surprise no one had climbed this majestic route. I decided to go and try, but thanks to the adverse weather I soon I forget the project and had surgery on my right shoulder . After the rehabilitation, I was quite surprised to progress quite fast on the route as I worked it. The route is beautiful! Its quite complex and physical climbing . Be safe as you clip the last bolt as you can hit the deck if you are not careful... (bring a crash pad!) After the first giuornate study of the way, I decided to stay for too cold heading toward another project Finale more winter and sunny .. but the first mild days and decided to try again on the first day (Thursday) coming close to climb up in a almost perfect day ..   I finally arrived at the chain of "Beak" screaming with happiness!!!! Here is the Video of the First ascent: Thanks to my partner Elena accompanying me, Lorenzo, Guido and Renato to get it bolted and Gian (Tesio) for giving me the idea!
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