Even though I didn't come back with empty hands from my last trips to Magic Wood there was still some unfinished business that had to be done. Another trip was inevitable to go back to some problems I have figured out last time but couldn't manage to finish. On top of my list was "Steppenwolf" V13 and "Electro Boogie" V12 - two amazing problems with powerful moves and both with a nasty sloper on the very end that had detained me from winning the laurels.    

First stop was Steppenwolf. It took me a while to figure out the first move but I found some very good beta to avoid that nasty little crimp for your left. I started a bit lower with my left hand on a big slopy rail and a tricky right heel hook. If you have troubles getting your ass off the ground you should really check this out!! Before everything clicked though, I dropped the last move to that big sloper about 15 times. I got pretty pissed, but actually this is the best training you can get. You won't get fit from sending problems - but from falling off the last moves 10 times in a row you will ... ;) Anyways, I was more than happy to stand on top of this amazing boulder.

Check out the video here:


On the way back to the campground I stopped to check out the moves of "Astronautenfieber" V11, a really nice line I tried once a few years ago but for some reason never came back to it. I figured out the moves quickly but before I had my first shot from the start I already had to put my head torch on. I gave it a go but didn't commit to sending the semi-highball in the pitch-black dark. It is kind of scary when you fall down from about 4 meters and don't know exactly where the ground starts... I didn't mind though to save this one for another day - Steppenwolf was reason enough for a well-deserved beer and barbecue before we headed back to Innsbruck!! I would come back soon anyways ...

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