Omiš is one of my favorite climbing areas through the warmer part of the year. This small town is situated in a place where river Cetina enters the Adriatic sea and is completly surrounded by limestone walls. Sounds perfect and it really is. This canyon is my massive inspiration and I feel creative rush every time I am there. Altough there is long climbing history in Omiš and many sport and classic MP routes, I am sure that some of the best sectors are still untouched. My opinion is that development of the areas was too often motivated by the approach parameters instead the quality of te rock. This is why Omiš still has so much potential. Only thing that makes me sad from time to time is the fact that there are just few other people who experience this area in the way I do. Definitelly would be great to feel team spirit more often but surely it wont change my motivation. Few years ago Dani Piccini and me started to develop first of those distant sectors – the mighty Perivoj – paradise on mother earth. We bolted just logical, most obvisous lines and every route we did instantly became a classic. Perivoj gave us much more than we ever expected and this fact just strengthen my idea that distant Omiš sectors are worth all the hard work. Perhaps it is not just about climbing. I like meditative and peacefull ambient which I find there, great scenary and probablly the fact that they are never crowded like sectors by the road. Simpy, I feel like home here. Lately been doing lots of tufa cleaning and some FA’s on Perivoj despite unhuman conditions. It was exausting but my motivation remain strong. Must say I am sometimes proud to feel syked as some young gun although this is my usuall forte. There are some serious projects from my life tick list in this sector but in this moment I cant promise nothing concrete about them. Surely I will know more about this when autumn comes. Off to Alps now... Ivan


FA of ***** star line - Pe?a & vuk

Untouched tufas....  

Where Cetina enters the sea  
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