Actually everything seemed perfect. 2 weeks time, weather and group were perfect and motivation really high. But sometimes things go different... After 11 hours of driving we arrived in Bleau on Saturday and went climbing the next day in Apremont, where we did some classics like „Egoiste“, „Lamentation“ and „Onde de choc“ to regain that particular font feeling. Everything felt nice and fitness seemed to be ok. On the second day we headed to Roche aux Sabot. After a short warmup I checked out „Sale gosse“ briefly. It felt good, I found a fitting solution and the first serious try ended with me slipping off the slopy finishing hold. Break, Start, CLACK, wtf?!. A sudden pain all along the arm and inside my palm. Super, that was the end of my Bleau trip. On the second day of climbing after one and a half hours everyhing was over. I drove home, trank a bottle of hop nectar (maybe more) against despair and was cluesless. So I booked a flight home and landed in Verona already on Tuesday That was my long awaited „Trip to Font“. Back home I went to see a specialist and exactly one week later I had the diagnosis. I had good luck as I only pulled both tendons of the ringfinger. It'll get well again and maybe even sonner than feared. Shit happens and I'd like to use the opportunity to present my last work, a guidebook about climbing and bouldering in South Tyrol. Who knows, maybe someone is motivated to come to Algund, my home crag, in the winter. It was a lot of work and cost me quite some time, which I would have rather invested in climbing, but well :) The guide consists of 10 small books, 130-200 pages each, and shows bouldering and sportclimbing from the dolomites until the crags close to the Ortler. A lot of things worked out well, and I have to admit some didn't. But all in all it gives a very good overview. Last but not least I want to wish Martin Keller a good recovery, as his injury makes mine seem like a bagatelle. Get well soon, Martin!   Cheers and stay healthy!  

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