After several weeks of routesetting I could finally take some time off in the end of July for bouldering outdoors. Due to the routesetting I had less energy and skin on the fingertips, but the motivation to touch the rock again was huge. Despite the bad weather forecast we decided to make a quick visit to the world famous bouldering crag “magic wood”. My last visit dates back to 2009, and fortunately the forest didn't loose anything of its magic and the boulders are still incredible. The camping is overcrowded and leaves mixed feelings, but you're actually there for the bouldering.

I had to find my way back on the rock, but surprisingly I managed to climb some problems like “Astronautenfieber 8a”, “Body count 8a” and “Sukkubus 7c+” in a few tries and managed to do flash ascents of “Jack the chipper 7c”, “Foo fighters 7b+” and some more problems up to 7c.

It's always suprising what works from time to time if you don't have expectations when going bouldering. I assume everyone knows those days where you drive to the crag in peak shape, good skin and fighting weight and nothing works. This time it was the other way round, and it clicked. Who knows, maybe just because I didn't have expectations, or maybe it was the magic of those Swiss woods?

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