with a sliced fingertip at its ending....

After my "super-close-no-send" of the highlander-project in mid july I was off to Indo for some surfing and it was a great time. Life was very simple: surf, eat, sleep - nothing more, nothing less. It was good for my body to let my knee and hamstring heal and good for my mind as well!

Style is everything... ;)

Back home in swizzy I was greeted by rain but the next day I already was off to Ailfroide in the french alps to spend a nice week together with my girlfriend. It’s a very beautiful place high up in the mountains. You can leave your car at the campground and within minutes you can go for a multi-pitch, sport climbing and bouldering. So we mixed all up. We went for a multipich in the morning and for some bouldering at the evening... followed by some nice food, beer wine... we met some nice people and had a great time. There are a few very good looking hard lines but usually when its going to 7C and harder the holds are painful, the moves are not flowing. But may i was just on the wrong boulders and it was a bit warm for the harder bouldering as well. Nevertheless I had great fun playing around on very good intermediates and it was perfect to get used to bouldering on rock again.

      Summer is coming to an end. After 10months of recovery my hamstrings are back to 90% and my knee is far away from good but feels WAY better then back in july. I can't wait for fall, waiting for the clear, dry crispy air... i already was checking on the highlander ... and it already sliced my tip pretty bad. As a result I had to rest and let my finger heal and then started to train again indoors. I "lost" three weeks of september at Sustenpass (and climbing in general). To make some use of the good weather i rented out a bike and had a great time cross-country-biking in our backyard with my girlfriend. We even found boulders on one tour! As it was so much fun I consequently had to GET this BIKE - it's all mine now... ;) On the weekend i was up at Sustenpass again and found the missing link on a possible 9A-boulder - but thats another story... :)    
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