Summer holiday 2013 The summer closure of Checkpoint climbing village compels us to a long process of maintenance of the routes of all the gym .. So come 110 new boulders and over 30 routes. In the meantime, we made a visit to the Briançonnaise area , which is just over two hours from home, and we climbed at La Saume with MOON Athlete David who with great enthusiasm and sympathy took us on a wonderful day of climbing ! I was in great shape and decide to groped for an "on sight" on the beautiful and long ( 38mt ) "petite danseuse " 8a + . After an initial long mouve from a wet hold, a long and stressful struggle on small holds but supported by Elena and David cheering.. I could not fall off and yes I got it! Back to work for a few weeks in the gym, then we left for a long awaited holiday .. The first destination was " Ceuse" who for the last 20 years has given me great emotions ... Here the days are marked by a slow pace .. You have to wait for the conditions in the cool of the afternoon to give their best and the long path makes it all a bit more difficult ... But we are rewarded by the environment and the climbing of this magical place! I sent "Slow Food" 8b +, "L'ami de tout le monde" 8b (2 attempts) The new and difficult "Archetype" 8b, a slightly overhanging wall feeling quite exposed .. A storm the night before had erased the tick marks and a good rest ( hole ) was full of water! My girlfriend Elena climbed the super physical "Burinator" 8a. After 10 days we moved on to Gorges du Tarn. Enthusiastic and also loaded with excellent wind and cool conditions. I climbed 3 8a:s "on sight" and a 8b. Unfortunately, a new wave of summer heat arrived and conditions deteriorated so we geded back home to our Gym! See you soon !
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