As I promised in the last blog - I took my first longer out of climbing period since 1996.. Didn't climb for more than 2 months but there was a lot going on so I didn't feel like it was proper rest. Still not sure is it because I became father recently (!!!) or maybe I just don't know how to rest.

In the meantime I accepted invitation to become the chief coach of the Croatia youth sport climbing team. It will be hard to find free time for all the work I have to do on this position (specially because I allready work full time on another place) but since for many years in a row nobody have the idea what to do with all those talented Croatian kids, I decided to give a try. Hope we can make some progress in the next 4 years and steer all those young guns in the right direction.

Allready on my first climbing days after rest I felt that conditions are getting worse. Summer was just starting so I decided to take it easy with training and focus on exploring some new areas and lines which I had in my mind for long time.

It was good decision. I spent great summer with my family, found some new spots, bolted nice projects for the future days and gained lot of extra motivation. Now I can allready smell autumn in the air and I like it a lot. First fresh air after long and hot Dalmatian summer always reminds me on good climbing and cool weather. I have a hunch I will blog soon again...

>>> Check Summer Edition photos below:

(Bolting with my old buddy Daniel Piccini is allways fun! Here in new line on Markezina Greda...)

(Youth camp in Split - 9 days of hard work, training and fun...)

(Blown away on new spot I discovered this summer - Kaštil area on Island Bra?)

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