Well, after a couple of 10 hour flights and a layover in the smog capital of the world, Shanghai, I arrived in Vancouver. Gordo, aka the Gord, totally hooked me up, collected me from the airport, sorted me out with a van for my stay and delivered me straight to the blocs, well almost, we had to stop for coffee. Feeling a little west, due to the substantial time difference I decided to start off with an easy day and just get my eye in. This lasted for about ten minutes before I was dragged up to check out Mantra 7b+. After doing this in a few goes, the team assembled and we worked our way through the boulders, a throng of tiny specs against the imposing and impassive Chief, as it loomed over us. What an amazing day. I did about 20 problems and one of every grade between 5 - 7c+. A pretty decent start to the trip, though I did wake up feeling a little worked. I slept like a hero after the days exertions, a straight ten hour shift, uninterrupted. Bam!! A quick coffee and it was out to the blocs again. I had a great time, doing an extensive circuit through the forest, before I met up with an American couple and went over to try an absolutely stonker problem, called Defender of the Faith, 7c, though it felt more like 8a. It took a few goes to knock it over and is easily the best problem I've done so far. Slopey crimps, lots of tension and an all out chuck for the top. Perfect. Just hanging out waiting to catch up with my old buddies, Reagan and Aimee now. Can't wait to see them, it's been years and should be a fantastic reunion. Anyway, will check in again soon.  

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