Sometimes it’s nice to escape from the cold weather here in Sweden. The darkness, all the snow and the lack of good outdoor climbing days. Therefore, me my dad and two good friends of ours went to Siurana for a week. Finally, I had the opportunity to do what all the indoor climbing training was meant for- outdoor climbing!

What can I say about Siurana? Well, it was just fantastic, amazing and super cool, I'm already longing back! The start of the week was really nice with blue skies and warm weather, enough to burn four pale swedes. But unfortunately we also had some cold and windy days.

  This trip changed my mind set. Now I know I’m capable of climbing harder that I thought. I’m more confident when leading and I’m willing to try routes onsight. I think it all happened when I made my first attempt at Minimal techno, 8a. It was a little bit of a joke, when I told everybody I was going for the onsight. I had never really tried to onsight anything that hard before, and I noticed that on my attempt. I was a little bit scared, climbed a lot up and down (maybe at least 10 meters extra?!) and tried to make all the moves safe. Anyway, I was a bit frustrated when I fell of, because I thought I could make it and it really wasn’t that hard. When I tried the move once again, it was easy and I continued climbing the route all the way up to the top without any real problems. I made it on my second go, happy but a little bit disappointed, why didn’t I make it onsight? I realised you have to be close to an onsight, before it really happens. This changed my attitude during the whole week. Instead of dogging every hard route, I tried to climb them at my first tries and it didn’t feel that scary anymore.   [caption id="attachment_8168" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="Minimal techno"]Minimal techno[/caption] Other, less funny things that happened, was my many almost sleepless nights. I had to share a double-bed with my dad, which wouldn’t be a problem if he wasn’t snoring or breathing, but he was. Furthermore we had a little mouse in our cabin, which made my dreams full of evil mice and other creepy things. My dad is terrified of mice and that wasn’t to any help… [caption id="attachment_8170" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="Internet..."]Internet...[/caption] Now when I'm back to cold Sweden, school and training, the mouse and the windy weather don't feel that horrible anymore. I could handle thousands of mice just if I could get another week of climbing in the sun.
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