Jenny Woodward, one of the UK's top women climbers has judging by the following email had a pretty active summer.

"Went to Ceuse in July for a few weeks and got some great routes done. I redpointed Blockage Violent after bottling it last year!It's a classic pump fest at 7b+, put up by Edlinger and I think one of the best lines at Ceuse.It's made a bit more spicey by the generous spaces between the bolts.Some German youths last year managed to take regular 40 foot lobs of it and on my first venture up I landed in a bit of a prickly bush at the bottom!Anyway, it was great to finally do it - I even managed to look down occasionally..

I also redpointed La Chose a 7c to the right of Berlin but like every route on that wall, fantastic.Last year I had one go on Vagabond - a very steep and pretty sustained 7c on the Cascade sector but fell off half way up (and apparantly above the crux) and never went back.On the last day this year I gave it another bash and managed to slap my way to the top first time.Unfortunately the rest of the day was written off due to a very disorganised lowering off experience where I smacked into a tree very fast.Ow.

Yesterday at Kilnsey I did The Bulge (or Let them Eat Jellybeans), 8a.I'd tried it a year or two ago and decided the top was too burly for me.But went back this year a bit more determined and managed to sort out a better sequence at the top.Spent Friday tickling the finishing crimp a few times but seemed to keep forgetting to hold on!Finally did it yesterday on my first redpoint."

If you would like to find out a little more about Jenny check out the "Sponsored Climber" section on our site for her interview and some recently uploaded photos of her climbing at Ceuse.

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