It had to happen I suppose, but I wasn't prepared in any way to endure such poor weather. I had ridden through Sheffield on the back of my golden ticket for three previous visits. I don't think many people have had such a fine run with the weather, but it's over. Officially. Four hours of climbing outside from ten days. After training, eating, drinking, hanging out with amazing friends, I made a spur of the moment decision to depart to Spain. Why the hell didn't I think of it earlier? I love Spain. Good weather, great food, no people and new boulders. Ok, the South of Spain isn't exactly world famous for it's pristine bouldering, or pristine anything for that matter, but I had a trip to Switzerland to think of, and of course, free accommodation. Venga!!! Above: Simon on the 7c+ boulder at La Cabeza Gordo I had five days near Murcia, with some great boulders and some of the worst I have ever seen. The best area is called La Cabeza Gordo, which translates as the fat head. Sandstone, would you believe, in the middle of a heap of limestone areas. On the first day we did a 7c (V9) and 7c+ (V10), which were pretty cool. I tried an 8a, but didn't make much of an inroad, so retreated back to the casa for New Year. A couple of days later I returned to Gordo, as I had business to attend to. It took me about an hour to figure out a killer sequence for the 8a and then I dispatched it in a couple of shots. It was a really odd mixture of technical and burly. Even I couldn't believe that I worked out the crux, a dragging toe hook as you take a boff undercling, followed by a step through utilising the same toe hook. Bam, first 8a of 2012, chamon. Above: Simon on the 8a boulder at La Cabeza Gordo
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