So I finished my exams in the end of May and after some busy weeks with moving into a new apartment I am FINALLY climbing on rock again! Although this summer is not going to be spent in any particular exotic climbing location I am very happy to be out on a climbing trip again. This year I decided to spend the summer in Norway. Since I’ve spent the last two summers in Rocklands I decided to take it a bit easy this year and simply check out some of the many nice climbing areas this county has to offer. There is not too many places that offer cool enough weather during summer, many places in Europe are very wam, but in Norway the ideal climbing season is April/ May to August/September. So now me and my boyfriend are driving around by car and climbing wherever the weather is nice! We started off near our hometown (Trondheim), bouldering at Fosen at the two main areas called Vingsand and Harbak. This is a very popular climbing destination for climbers from all over Norway, and also strong international climbers such as Nalle Hukkataival, Bernd Zangerl and Guntram Jorg has been here more than once and established hard first ascents. After climbing here we drove to Sogndal and climbed routes (mostly) although Martin, my boyfriend came really close to sending an old bouldering project as well. Then we drove to Oslo where we are staying at the moment. Because of some bad weather we had to do some indoor training, but fingers are crossed hoping that the sun will be back tomorrow! Next weekend we will drive further south, closer to Stavanger. This area has lots of climbing cags and also a lot of bouldering so we will stay here for a week! We are planning on climbing at Sirekrok, and checking out some newly developed bouldering with some friends from Stavanger. As long as the weather is good I am sure it will be a great summer!
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