The last month or two we had great weather conditions in Split and climbing life was really intense. Before “changing clock thing” I was climbing a lot in small area called Rupotine, which is close to the city and offers some top quality climbing on slightly overhanging 20m routes. I would head there straight from work and try to climb as much as possible in short 2 hour sessions. This was pretty exhausting rhythm but I knew that when the short days start, I will only climb outside on weekends.  

Above: Sandra on Mućke (8a) at Rupotine

I manage to climb two beautiful top classic lines: Mućke (8a) and Let3 (7c+), both captured in new video Rupotine session! Hope you will like it!

I am again in plastic rhythm now, trying to balance between regular questions like – burn myself totally in gym or take it easy and try to be good at the weekend. Same as David Falt I also started to train on my Moon fingerboard and I like it a lot. I didn’t train on a fingerboard for years so I have some kind of deja vu now!

Above: The Moon Fingerboard... get yours here:

The new area Klobuk is now the number one choice for the last few weekends. It is huge crag with just 15 routes bolted but already we can call it a top spot! I helped in the development by doing FA’s in freshly bolted Toleranca, Passo doble and Reposa activa all weighting somewhere around 7b/c. It is so exciting to explore new terrain, brush untouched tufas and spend time with friends in this beautiful place. I Love this game!

Above: The Central Wall at Klobuk

Above: Toleranca, one of the best routes on Klobuk so far.

Above: The great tufa climbing at Klobuk

Check out the Vimeo video here:

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