In the summer Ivan and I usually travel to some sport crag but this time decided to change the game and get back to pure bouldering. When you climb intensively for a long time it is necessary to reset your mind every now and then. I didn’t pay much attention to this before but now I am starting to realize what it really mean to listen to your body.

Above: Sandra on La boum de Lux (7B)

Two weeks in the woods were fantastic.  There were days when it was raining like crazy but most of the time we enjoyed nice conditions. Thanks to our friends from Croatia, Bosnia, Slowenia and the Dutch team of Michiel and Sophie, there was strong and physched team spirit in the air. Nice synergy between all this resulted in some climbing to remember. 

Above: Ivan attempting to flash Schnebrett (7C). Photo: Jagor Carmak

After sending many classics including La boum de lux (7B), Exclucive (7B) and Bella gnoca (7B) in Chironico, I did Jack the Chipper, my first 7C! So happy about this one! First of all it is very nice line but also doing it on the last day just before the rain turned into pretty dramatic and funny story.

Above: Sandra sending Jack the Chipper 7C

Ivan used the right heel method to climb his first 8A Octopussy in big style and also send a bunch of 7c´s including Supernova, Kalorienmonster, Jack the Chipper and Microcosmos.

Above: Sandra sending Jack the Chipper 7C

After climbing mainly sport routes for last few months this boulder session definitely shocked my body and mind in a positive way. It has sharpened my skills and made my movements more efficient and controlled in both static and dynamic way.

Above: Sandra sending Jack the Chipper 7C

Last weekend, still euphoric from Magic Wood experience we almost went to Maltatal (Austria) but it is still too hot up there. Now it is time to stick to some great routes I want to climb and hope that summer temperatures wont last for too long!

There is  a big report about Magic Wood you can find here:

Text is on Croatian but you will undestand photos for sure!

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