Well it's great to be back into climbing! I had my baby boy "Jack" 7 months ago and I finally feel like i've got my strength and confidence back on the rock. I've been getting out climbing twice a week in the Blue Mountains and taking my little one with me to the crag. I've been really lucky and have been blessed with a very easy baby who is happy to go anywhere with me. And it makes it so much more special, having family climbing days at the cliff! I find I am much more productive on climbing days now also, seeing as I have limited time, so I really make the most of it!! This picture is of me on "Fresh Goats Milk" (28) at Diamond Falls. The route was previously named "Hairline" but it now has an alternative finish which is much more exciting. I had already done this route about 10 years ago and got on it again today and the moves felt so much easier! A classic Blue Mountains route with spectacular views of bushland and waterfalls in the background.


My little Jack chill'n at the crag!

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