Every year about this time I have a little discussion in my head. It usually goes a little like this: "Maybe this year I'll get fit and do all of those routes that I have had my eye on for years and years. Shut up idiot, that sounds stupid, it's hard work, hot, sweaty and there's not enough hard moves. Besides, we're going to Europe in six weeks on a bouldering trip. Hmmm, good point dude, let's go do some hard moves close to the ground. It's more fun, I get loads done and it's a great way to stay in shape." Aside from the worrying fact that there are twin conversations going on in my head at one time, I inevitably do one or two routes and then head off to cooler climes to boulder my little heart out. However, this year there is no christmas trip planned, no escaping the heat, no euro babes and no spanish sessions. As disappointing as this may be, it does give me an opportunity to do some routes. And I gotta admit, I'm pretty damned psyched for it. I really enjoy climbing routes, it's just that when you're not fit, it's difficult and you don't get much out of it. But, there's almost nothing that a little success can't overcome...   So with a little trepidation I ventured out for my first day of routes for the season. I warmed up on a little 7b+ that I had done before. Managed to do it without coming off. That's one in the plus column. We then wandered over to the main event. I had tried a particular 8a+ called Contra Arms Pump last year and managed to grasp failure from the jaws of victory each time. I refined my sequence on a couple of shots and left it for the day, still alarmingly short on endurance. But, I was back two days later and after a brief warm up on the easier top section, I cruised through the crux and clipped the chains. Sweet, not a bad start. Next up, Samosa 8b+. Having never climbed harder than 8b/b+ on a cord, this is a bit of a step up for me, but on my second session I linked it in overlapping halves, so hopefully I won't have to wait too long to send. Especially with another 5 months of route season to go... https://vimeo.com/52440688          
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