A few word from a climbing holiday in Istria. We had great time despite the weather. It was exciting to meet strong and motivated Austrian crew responsible for the development of so many great routes in this part of Croatia. The energy and passion of people like Gerhard Hoerhager really left a deep impression on me. After a few days of effort and when the start tufa finally got dry, I manage to redpoint Hard sun (8c), one of the hardest lines in Kompanj. I did it two days after team buddy Bernie Fiedler and I must mention that we both did it in our green moon oversized logo shirt which can't be accidentally! Anyway, this might be my first 8c but honestly I think it is at least one grade easyer. My current physical level “after Christmas” and time spent on the route goes in favor of this idea. Since it is rather new route the grade will surelly settle in the future. Anyway, less than month ago I celebrated 30th birthday and decide to buy myself new Hilti TE-A22. I allready checked how it works and must say it is almost light and strong as Jerry Moffat in Leeds 1989... I will soon start some prescribed physiotherapy sessions because of a problem in my lower back. I hope this treatment will help solve some problems I have with a loose shoulder and a "golf elbow". As I got into the 30th nothing is the same ?! When I get rid of all these injuries I plan to get really strong for the first time in my life and crush some top projects I am dreaming about. A muerte brothers and sisters! Life is beautiful!  
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