Hi all! Sandra and I just came back from boulder paradise – Prilep in Macedonia. We spent 10 days there but it felt like 3 weeks because it was hilarious 24 hours a day. The development of Prilep started about 4-5 years ago when some Slovenian aces climbers decide to check the postcard/google earth rumours about a potential world class bouldering area in Macedonia. They probably never thought it would be as good as it was. This place is smaller version of Hampi in the middle of Balcan – yellow granite paradise in the hills above Pelagonian plain. Our stay in Macedonia was a real adventure. No guidebook, no tick list, just cruising around with pads, brushing and climbing new lines, repeating old ones, having fun, laughing the whole day. Maybe my imagination is not so strong but this simple climbing life is really the best thing I can imagine. I am sure this place will become very popular in the future. The climbing community is searching for new frontiers full of potential and crazy futuristic lines and Prilep has it all. Let’s just hope it will always remain so magical and pure as it is today. Check this vid from Jure Niedorfer - https://vimeo.com/22292202 and some photos from me and Sandra to feel the magic... :-)  

>>> Sale in action abowe Pelagonian plain, town Prilep in the distance

>>> Baza (7A) - apsolute the must but watch your skin!

>>> Hribar in Biska sit (7C)

>>> Under the Kamena Baba (Stone Grandma)

>>> Sandra in superstylish Marshal (7A)

>>> My, myself and I in Predator (7C)

>>> Urh in project
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