Last week I had some days off so I had a long weekend and went to this French area with some friends. It is very close to the Spanish border, so the trip is not too long from Madrid. The weather was amazing, sometimes too warm.

The first night I climbed "Psoas Mole" (8B) on my third go. Next day I repeated it for the video and did "Psoas Pole" (8A+), which shares the start but finishes straight instead of going to the left.

I was really close to flashing a project: the sit start to "Le Tombeau de Damme Panc Ashash", adding two very hard moves to a very nice 7C, but I fell from the last move (going to a jug). I tried it many times not being able to link the first two moves again; but finally, when my skin was very close to split, I managed to do the first ascent of this problem. After it, I flashed "La Beauté de la Chose" (8A+).


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