Work at home or work on the train and climb a bit in between was the question last week. A quick check of the webcam in Cironico and it was clear: Work in the train! That is the very good thing about being a teacher - even if I have a lot of work right now - I am free to organize myself and use 8hrs of traveling by train to the Ticino and back home for doing some work.

Waiting in a snowstrom to get the train to sunny ticino...

Arriving in Chironico - bella Svizzera

It is always amazing how things are going on after a break. I rested during December and just started climbing again. Last week I still felt kind of weak but had a short moment of "power" going through my body. I climbed the nice left exit of "Aviator" at Paese-sector in Chironico (7B+), played around on "Souvenir" (without pocket) 8A/+ but the move into and from the undercling felt miles away. Nevertheless it was a great day out in the sun. I met travelling moon-athlete Simon Weill and friends from downunder on the boulders and it was fun to climb together on perfect Swizzy gneiss.

[caption id="attachment_1620" align="aligncenter" width="580" caption="Powering through the top-moves of "Souvenir". If you skip the pocket (between my arm and knee righthand) the top-moves get so much nicer that you just must do it that way ;) its just too good and for sure some of the best powermoves in that grade in Ticino!"][/caption]

One week later i came back and after one hour of punting around my body kind of remembered what it was like to pull hard. I did the undercling-move and it felt just great. I rested for five minutes, chalked up, sat down, pulled through the crux and sent it. Psyched to say at least!

[caption id="attachment_1621" align="aligncenter" width="580" caption="The crux-underling-move of "Souvenir". One week ago my mind told me that this move is impossible. So it is was an amazing feeling to stick that move some five days later and it felt just perfect."][/caption]

Later I was getting repeatedly contact on the rail of "No Mystery" which remains unclimbed after a break in December last year. I was close, but was just not able (yet) to hold the swing you get after contact. But it was a great day and I wonder what will be possible next week, should be around 8C when I can keep up the speed from last week... ;)

And what could be better then to finish such a perfect day with a nice dinner with your lovely girlfriend ;)

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