Due to the bad weather my trip to Fontainebleau in Februrary left quite a bitter taste, but fortunately March offered another opportunity to visit the marvellous forest south of Paris. Thats how I happened to enjoy three weeks of Fontainebleau with a motivated group from Innsbruck. It wouldn't be Font however, if the weather wouldn't show itself to be moody, with hail, rain and snow (again), which cut the climbing days down to 12. I wanted to do a lot, and my ticklist was really long – of course way too long for Bleau :-) Still I managed to climb some very beatiful problems, like „Appartenance 7c“, „Dosage 7c“, „Noir desir 7c“, „Supplement d'armes (stand 7b+ and assis 7c+)“ and „Nemesis 7a“. Additionally I made good progress in some projects, and so the motivation to return is huge! Following a short video of the trip with some problems like „La rampe“ 7a; „Supplement d´armes“ 7b+ ; „Manolo“ 7c; „Verdict“ 8a und „Noir desir“ 7c.   http://vimeo.com/65242426   Enjoy!
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