This day was kind of a total fuck up. First off we did not get out until 1.30 pm. Then when we finally hooked up we had no rope... What to do? Go bouldering... Ok but I have seen that and they have crash pads we have no pads... Well lets go up and have a look my friend told me. I onsighted the first problem I tried, a nice steep crimpy wall. I felt such a rush of happiness when I stood up on top of the bloc, that pure send happiness that means so much to us climbers. Mannnn this is not so bad after all. Ego boost can obviously fix any pre existing ideas of whats fun or not. So we ended up moving on to new problems. OK so why all this fuss about bouldering? Well today was my first EVER real boulder session in my entire life! I tided in for the first time in 1986 and so far I have never tried out bouldering for real. Strangely it was so much fun and I always thought it looked kind of lame and not at all some thing I would be exited about. Now I'm super psyched on this new discovery and need pads ASAP. To day we did some quite hairy stuff sans pads and I guess that continuing with out pads can only end badly in the long run. So a few MOOM pads will be on order. Grades? No idea making it even more fun. Pure is best. I feel like a kiddo on X-Mas! Only one more set back before we got home... Punctured my one week old summer tire on the car, that sucks and is costly crap. Well The good climbing some what compensate for this finical set back.  


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