It's hard to summarize the last few months. I have been super busy. School is getting harder and my love to climbing is getting bigger (this doesn't go hand in hand...)

I guess I have to start this blog with one of the biggest happenings 2014: The junior world championships. First of all I came 3:rd, which really surprised me. The competition took place in New Caledonia, a Island next to Australia. I had never been that far away from home, and probably I will never be it again.

One week later I won the Nordic championships in bouldering. A month later, and the same weekend, the Swedish championships in lead and a fun competition at my local climbing gym called "gymfedjen" togheter with my awesome team (it was a battle between all the climbing gyms in stockholm). Two weeks after the Nordic championships in lead, and one week after that I won the junior Swedish championships in bouldering.

Yeah, a lot of comps, I know..

The competitions this spring didn't go great and this made me realize I had to put more focus on mental training. Mental training, as any other form of training, provides no fast results. However, I feel like I slowly move into the right direction. I hope my competition results this autumn is a confirmation to this. It still needs more work thought!

Besides the competitions I have been bouldering outside home in Sweden. Not as much as I have liked to, the season is short and the snow has already fallen. While writing this, I'm stuck in a small cabin in northern Sweden together with my family. It's minus 17 degrees outside. The lack of outdoor climbing, climbing gyms and human beings is killing me. I'm sooo locking forward to what 2015 brings.

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