After finishing this years exams and tests, vacation felt not only needed but also earned! My father and I had three days of tourist like business to do in Chamonix, France before heading further down to Southern France. We went to the top of Mont Blanc along with tons of others who, like us, preferred the easy way to the top (which would be the gondolas). Looking down on the alpinists climbing and walking their way to the top, I started to wonder if that ever would be something that I would want to do... Perhaps sometime in the future.

Above: Summer holiday activities;  Aiguille du Midi cable car, Slacklining and Nutella Pancakes! Slacklining photo by Michelle Kim Theisen.

We got to Casteljau and boy was it hot. At first I was afraid that the weather would destroy even the slightest sense of friction. However, we quickly found out that as long as we just kept to climbing in the morning and late afternoon/early evening, the conditions would be good enough to push the grades and rely a bit on the friction. Between the daily two sessions of climbing there was room for siesta, which meant eating, swimming, sunbathing and everything else you might do on a somewhat normal summer holiday!

Above: Katrine on Jabot Forcé j'arrive pas 8a.

I got to climb so many great routes! Tons of routes from 7a to 7b+ (both OS, flash, 2nd GO and Redpoints) and one 8a (Redpoint) - my first of that grade actually, so I am more than pleased with it! What is almost as important to me, however, is the fact that I was not bothered by any injuries at all. It is the first time in two or three years that I have returned home from a trip in one piece! That is something that keeps the motivation high, especially in these hard times on plastic with systematic training, school and with the upcoming rainy fall!

Above: Katrine climbing at unknown 7b route.

Next stop: Munich, Germany where I will be contesting in the World Championship along with the rest of the Danish national team!

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