On the 10th of September the Danish Bouldering Championship was held. For the first time in years the competition was located in the city I live in and therefore I was on home ground.   In the qualification round I flashed all problems except for one. After a few tries I decided to stop trying and hand in my scorecard, since no one else in my group had managed to do the problem.  

Photographer Per Dragelund - klatrefoto.dk.

The finals consisted of five problems. I flashed three of them and topped the last two on my second go to win outright! The girl who came in second topped one problem and the girl who came in 3rd got a few zones. Since I had felt really unmotivated to train the weeks before I did not think that I would be able to climb as well as I actually did. 

Photographer Per Dragelund - klatrefoto.dk.

Right from the start of the competition a TV crew followed me around. It turned into a feature, which was shown on the news the following day.   You can watch it here:


Even though it is in Danish, which - to many of you - might just sound like people mumbling with potatoes stuffed in their (our) mouths, it still contains some climbing and could be fun to watch!   

Photographer Per Dragelund - klatrefoto.dk.

Right now I am off school for a week. Usually I would be somewhere in the World climbing, but not this time... No, for the first time in my life I have got to stay home to do tons of assignments along with other boring school stuff. I cannot wait until I finish school in one and a half years!

Keeping the motivation for training indoor is really, really hard at the moment. Especially when everyone else is outside sending hard and enjoying the rock. But I will survive. After all Sweden is not that far away and neither are weekend trips!

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